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Privacy Policy:

The maintenance, operation, and security of computing resources require responsible University personnel to monitor and access the system. To the extent possible in the electronic environment and in a public setting, a user's privacy will be preserved. Nevertheless, that privacy is subject to the Arkansas Access to Public Records Act, other applicable state and federal laws, and the needs of the University to meet its administrative, business, and legal obligations.

Users should be aware that e-mail messages:might be preserved as computer files on centrally administered disks. Therefore, it is possible for people other than the user to see the messages sent by one user becomes the possession of the receiver and can easily be redistributed by recipients. In this sense, the e-mail messages are not private, and all messages that should not be preserved should be deleted.

  • University policy also allows system administrators to view any files, including email messages, in the course of troubleshooting system problems.


To better protect the privacy of authorized users at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff myUAPB Web site:  When finished, always log out of myUAPB using Sign Out located above on the upper right side of the screen under the my menu button on the Home page and be sure to close all copies of your browser. Closing the browsers will help ensure the security of your account.


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