Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the MyUAPB portal?

It is the University's central location for many applications you will use. Only the Campus community has access to this  private domain. Once you have access and can log into the myUAPB Portal, you can view important data so users can access the information and services they need through a single sign-on..

Access to:

-Ellucian Self-Service

-Blackboard On-Line Classes -WebAdvisor -Grades -Class Schedule -Vacation/Sick Leave Time -and much more ...

How to access myUAPB Portal? 

  • -Go to
  • -Click on myUAPB at the top right of your screen.
  • -or Web Address/URL:  

Q: What is the QuickLaunch Navigation Application?

  • Quick Launch icons, or External Applications, provide access to commonly used applications such as Email, WebAdvisor, Blackboard Learn, etc., with a single click. The icons are placed in the top left corner of the Home page (i.e., landing page). In most cases these will be Single-Sign-On to allow you to gain access to the application via your portal username and password, without maintaining separate sets of credentials

Links available in the QuickLaunch Menu

-Blackboard:  Access your course material online.

-Email Services:  0365 mail and microsoft services  for faculty/staff and students.

​-myUAPB Self Service: 

As a student, you can also check your grades, class schedule, financial aid, student account balance, register for class, check the registration status, library account and more.

  • As a faculty member, you can also check your class roster, class schedule, input grades, check library account and more.

  • As a staff member, you can also check your advices(check stubs), leave plans and more

Instructions Instructions

Welcome to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Campus Application Portal.

  •     * To access the portal, open an Internet browser, i.e, Firefox, Google
  •        Chrome.

    * In the address bar, type:

   * Enter your login credentials: (format: Current enrolled students will use the first six (6) characters of your last name unless your  last  name  is  less  than  6  characters,  and  then  use  your  full  last  name  followed by the first character of your first name and the last four digits of your Student Id number followed by or if  Current staff, faculty or Administrator use your  full  last  name  followed  by  the first character of your first name followed by

    * Enter your password. Current staff, faculty and enrolled students should use their network/email passwords else use the first character of your first name in uppercase and first character of your last name in lowercase followed by month, date and year of your birth date (mmddyy).  

If you require assistance with authentication and/or technical support, you may submit a request via email to:, text or call 870-575-4773.

myUAPB Portal myUAPB Portal


Faculty/Staff Faculty/Staff


How to view your designated Email account information  in the myUAPB portal?

To access your UAPB designated Email click on o365 or mail on your quicklaunch dashboard.

Portal First Time Users FAQ

How do I get access to myUAPB Portal account?

Go to the myUAPB Portal log in page. Enter your email account name (Username and your password.  You will now be able to gain access to the myUAPB Portal.

Portal Faculty/Staff Users FAQ

What are the Faculty Resources I have access to?

-There are communities you can create for your students or fellow faculty members and have a private discussion group, share documents and more.
-As a faculty member, you can also check your class roster, class schedule and more.
-Your employee email account is available with access to WebAdvisor, vacation and sick leave, check stub, W2's and much more .
-Access to Blackboard allows you to develop and manage online or web assisted classes.

What are the Staff Resources I have access to?

  • -As a staff member, you can also check your check stub, vacation and sick leave, WebAdvisor account and more.
  • -Your employee email account is available
  • -There are communities you can create for your Departments. You can post important departmental information, discussion group, share documents and more.

What accounts will change if myUAPB  Portal Password changes?

Your log in credentials into your workstation and employee email password.

Blackboard FAQ

How can I login to Blackboard?
How to Access Blackboard

-To access your on-line Blackboard class select it on your quicklaunch dashboard.

- or Web Address/URL:

-Username:  The username is the first portion of the myUAPB email account. So if the email is, then the username is smithj1234.

- Password: Use the forgot your password tool link here or go to and click on on the login page to reset/create a password.

Note: Please use good password practices when you are creating your account.

Student Email FAQ
How do I access my Student email account?

-Log into your myUAPB Portal account
-Locate the left panel QuickLaunch2
-Under LAUNCHPAD click 365 Email

Other Technology FAQ

UAPB Wireless Login Instructions

If you have a wireless device:

  • -At a campus wireless location, connect to the SSID "UAPBWireless,"
  • -Launch a web browser (You will be redirected to the UAPBWireless Page login)
  • -Login using your network username and password (the same ones you use for the Blackboard)

You will be required to login every time you leave the UAPB wireless network, or if your device goes into power save mode.

Five (5) Easy Steps to follow:

Step 1: This is the initial screen. "Please click here to connect to the network"

Step 2: You will get a screen like this to enter your username and password: To connect with your wireless device, you will need to login to the UAPB Wireless network. Your Username and Password will be the same ones you use for the Blackboard and UAPB Email.

Step 3: Please read the Acceptable Use Policy and check the box for Acceptable Use Policy and then click Complete Registration.

Step 4: After you press Complete Registration, you'll be directed to the browsers start page (UAPB Home page). It will take a moment for the network to authenticate your password and then your device will take you to the requested page.

Step 5: Welcome to the UAPB Wireless Network and if Click here or wait a few minutes you will be redirected to UAPB Website

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